ALLIANZ Cup women's handball team Umag


Women's Handball Club "Umag" on 04 October 2015 organized "ALLIANZ Cup", which brought together 15 handball teams of different ages. Work of handball club "Umag" is widely known and recognized as this was another successful organization of the tournament which provides opportunity for the children to explore beauty of handball. Laserline Ltd. is a proud sponsor of the women's handball team Umag


Girls born 2005.:
1. Opatija
2. Umag
3. Piran
4. Buje

Girls born 2006.:
1. Umag
2. Opatija
3. Ogulin
Boys and girls born 2007.:
1. Izola
2.Umag B
3.Umag A
Boys born 2006.:
1. Umag
2. Poreč
3. Buje
Boys born 2007.:
1. Poreč
2. Umag A
3. Umag B


The best sponsor of the 20th HrOUG conference

Laserline Događaji - HrOUG 20 Najbolji pokrovitelj Laserline is one of the Best Sponsors of the 20th anniversary HrOUG conference, the largest and most important annual gathering of Oracle community in Croatia. The professional part lasts three working days during which we expect about 100 events with more than 90 speakers, of which 37 international lecturers who are members of and other associations. Among the most significant domestic lecturers many of them have Oracle ACE status. All this indicates that the event will set very high expertise level.

Local Oracle partners, members of HrOUG association, will present successfully implemented projects in the country and the region. Among them, 7 projects will be presented that deserve special attention for its innovation, the use of modern tools and applicability to other users.

The expert part of the conference is grouped into streams

  • Plenary lectures,
  • Development and Tools,
  • APEX, Applications,
  • Success Stories HrOUG members / Oracle partner,
  • Database,
  • Middleware - OBI, ODI, ...
  • Cloud
  • Best Practices (our members best practices).

Cycling marathon: Umag - Bratislava

Laserline Događaji - Biciklistički maraton Umag Bratislava 2015Charity bicycle marathon Umag - Bratislava started on 19 September 2015 from Umag. The initiator of this praiseworthy action Vlatko Možar along with colleague Filip Tišljarec, members of Police Force Umag, started cycling route to Bratislava. The goal of this charity action is to raise funds for the purchase of fast ultrasound apparatus and hematology analyzer for the emergency medical service of Umag, which would provide substantially increased efficiency and speed of diagnostics in emergency situations. Laserline has recognized the importance of this great idea for the whole community and provides financial support for the project. Laserline cycling team provided moral support on the start of the marathon and accompanied Vlatko and Filip on a long road ride for first 30km. Good luck guys!

European first aid team competition FACE 2015

European competition in team first aid, FACE 2015, was held from 10th to 13th September 2015 in Bucharest, Romania. Senior team of the Red Cross Bujština, who represented the Republic of Croatia, participated in this prestigious and important event. On 28 spots positioned in one of the parks, of which as many as 14 were live demos, the team had to demonstrate acquired first aid knowledge and skills. The competition was extremely demanding and difficult, but first aid team from Buje showed exceptional skill and quality and received praise from the judges especially when it comes to organization and speed in treating injuries. Out of the top 28 teams from Europe, teams of Red Cross Bujština won an excellent 11th place. Financial support for these projects is important for the whole society, as it promotes humanity, impartiality and unity, recognized and sponsored by the Laserline. Congratulations to the Red Cross team Bujština for results and we wish them success in their future work.

Summer volleyball school 2015

Laserline Događaji - Ljetna škola odbojke za djecu 2015Traditional summer volleyball school for children was held from 24th to 28th of July 2015 in Katoro, Umag, organized by Volleyball Club Melia Hotels Umag. Summer School was attended by 25 children who were thrilled by the school program. The project would not be possible without the help of sponsors, among which is Laserline, already for several years. Summer school of volleyball is traditional summer gatherings organized OK Melia Hotels Umag, which is organized for children of Umag and their guests who socialize through games and try this beautiful sport. Guided by coach, children learned the basics of volleyball and beach volleyball, enjoyed in the sports and also entertaining games and the water park in the Hotel Sol Umag. For those that liked the beach, after the beginning of the school year can join the OK Melia Hotels Umag club and continue to train volleyball throughout the year. Information about enrollment will be published by Facebook club page.

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